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by Property Forum | Office

Vastint Romania will start the development of the second phase of the Timpuri Noi Square project in Bucharest after it secured all permits. 

The company will develop around 105,000 sqm of offices split in two new buildings. Following their delivery, the surface of office and commercial spaces in the project will double.

The structural works of the second phase of the project will be managed by Desa Engineering Construction, while the supervision and management of the construction site, along with compliance with Health and Safety regulations, will be ensured by the experts at Bureau Veritas. 

“The second phase of the Timpuri Noi Square project will be an absolute premiere, being the first office building project under construction to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels, designed and set to be executed according to the latest nZEB and LEED standards. Renewable sources will be used for heating the buildings, such as 1,700 sqm of photovoltaic panels and two heat pump systems, some of which are air-to-water systems to be installed on terraces, and others are ground-source systems that will utilise 200 geothermal wells. Therefore, we entirely remove the utilisation of gases,” said Antoniu Panait, Managing Director of Vastint Romania.

Vastint will aim to achieve LEED Platinum certification for the new offices as part of the company’s sustainability strategy.

The company said that Timpuri Noi Square has significantly influenced the swift development of the local service sector and heightened interest in office and residential spaces.

To date, Vastint has completed in Bucharest two office projects with a total leasable area of more than 95,000 sqm.