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Trikaya Investment Fund is changing its strategy to ensure stable returns for its investors and it is now adding residential projects to its portfolio. The first is the Brno project Čtvrť Pod Hády by the Trikaya development group of the same name. The estimated value of the entire project is more than CZK 4 billion (€168.5 million), writes

One thousand flats will be built in four stages in the new Brno project. The first stage will start construction this June. According to, the company already has a zoning permit. The owners did not specify exactly how much of the project has become part of the investment fund. However, they are sure of their chosen strategy and plan to gradually increase the investment in the Čtvrť Pod Hády project in the coming years. "In order to ensure a stable return for investors, we have decided to include residential real estate assets in the fund in the coming years in line with our investment strategy," Dalibor Lamka, founder of the Trikaya development group, told the daily.

The Čtvrť Pod Hády project is one of the largest development projects in Brno. Its authors are Brno architects Kuba & Pilař. The project is built on modern technologies enabling sustainable operation and water-efficient management. One thousand flats in apartment buildings and villas will be built on a brownfield site on the border of the Maloměřice and Obřany districts. The project will also include a central square, shops, charging stations for electric vehicles and energy-efficient lighting. The apartments from the first phase should be ready for occupation in mid-2025.

The Trikaya investment fund has been on the market for five years. Last year was its most successful year yet, as the fund achieved an appreciation of 9.06 percent. In order to maintain the current growth in value, it has come up with a strategy adjustment.