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by Property Forum | Office

Millennium Gardens, developed by TriGranit in Budapest, is over the design stage of the two-stage BREEAM certification, which puts the office building in the Excellent category.

The BREEAM rating system was created for the purpose of environmentally conscious design, construction and operation, and is known as the most widespread green rating system in Hungary. As the construction industry and our built environment are responsible for a large share of global energy, raw materials and emissions, BREEAM and similar green rating systems have been given a prominent role in the recent past.

The system formulates the sustainability criteria grouped into 9 categories, thus measuring the performance of the qualified project in a holistic way. The criteria typically follow European and national standards. Categories with different weights determine the total score, which results in rating levels marked with an asterisk. Newly built projects are typically graded in two stages, the design stage and post-construction, while existing buildings are graded in one stage, through an online interface, and require annual renewal. In all cases, the ratings must be carried out by a licensed and accredited BREEAM certifier and/or company, which compiles the certification documentation and submits it to the certification body.