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Infopark buildings B, C and I, all owned by Wing, received a BREEAM-In-Use Very Good sustainability certification. The certification was earned with energy and water-efficient management and operation, selective waste collection, and the features of the buildings that contribute to the well-being and health of those using them. Located at the Buda end of the Rákóczi bridge, Infopark is majority-owned by Wing – the company owns buildings B, C, D and I, with a total area of 100,000 sqm.

The BREEAM-In-Use assessment of all 3 buildings in Infopark was carried out by GAMMA Properties Kft.

BREEAM-In-Use is a sustainability-based assessment method for completed buildings, covering 8 sustainability categories. In addition to energy and water efficient management and operation, selective waste collection and a green environment, the buildings in Infopark were designed with the well-being and health of the users and the maintenance and potential future conversion of the buildings in mind.

 “For over ten years, Wing’s office buildings have been constructed with a commitment to sustainability. The Ericsson and Siemens-evosoft headquarters buildings were designed and constructed in accordance with the environmental and energy efficiency considerations of the LEED Gold standard of environmental consciousness. The Telekom HQ has energy-efficient devices, water-saving bathroom fittings and selective waste collection processes in accordance with BREEAM Excellent requirements, managed by a complex monitoring and energy management system. Of course, it is not only at new developments where sustainability criteria are considered: we keep refurbishing the buildings we completed earlier to decrease their ecological footprint and work towards a more sustainable future,” said Dr. Ernő Takács, Deputy Manager at Wing Zrt.

Located in the 11th district at the Buda end of the Rákóczi bridge, Infopark is the first innovation and technology park in Eastern Central Europe, a hub in particular for IT, telecommunications and software development companies.