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by Property Forum | Office

Close to 88% of the employees in Romania believe that offices will exist in the future, but most say that the post-pandemic workspace needs to be transformed, according to a survey commissioned by Genesis Property. 

Over 60% of respondents mentioned the option of an allocated desk in the office, even if the work model changes and the office becomes more of a multifunctional space. Close to 40% of surveyed employees envisage the office as a place for collaboration that bears resemblances to co-working spaces. 

“Employees do not want to return to the office just to work in spaces that aren’t adapted for the future and on a fixed schedule, they’d rather be in a place with new facilities where they can socialize, be more creative and collaborate with colleagues,” says Ștefan Tudos, Vice President of Genesis Property. 

Employees further stated that the post-pandemic office should have measures in place to limit epidemiological risks (56.1%), but also an integrated work, interaction and relaxation experience (40.5%). 

The survey had a sample of 1,183 employees across the country.