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The Construction Act in Slovakia has been in force for half a century, and this year will probably not be its last either. The new Construction Act, or the Construction Act and Spatial Planning Act, was supposed to enter into force in Slovakia on 1st April 2024. The validity of part of the new legislation will be postponed, reports

The Ministry of Transport proposes to postpone its effectiveness by one year, i.e. until 1st April 2025. Only the Spatial Planning Act will begin to apply on the original date, i.e. from 1st April 2024. According to the Ministry of Transport, the reason for delaying the effectiveness of the law is, for example, the unpreparedness of the building permit processes with the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process. The Ministry proposes to postpone the effectiveness of the Act on Construction also due to the time slippage in the preparation of forms and digitization in construction and the issuing of decrees or due to the lack of trained personnel. 

According to the Ministry, several changes will be made to the currently valid construction law to make life easier for citizens, municipalities and entrepreneurs and to shorten the construction preparation time. Although the amendment should be effective from April, it is not yet known what exactly this amendment will look like.