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The Slovak government has approved the Ministry of Economy's proposal to allocate €21 million to prepare three industrial parks in Slovakia through MH Invest.

A sum of approximately €21 million will now be spent on the preparation of three industrial parks in Slovakia. This follows from the proposal of the Ministry of Economy to approve the change of the purpose of the use of the financial resources of MH Invest, which was approved by the Slovak government on Monday, 12 June. MH Invest, owned by the Ministry of Economy, is preparing industrial parks in Záborský, Sabinov and Rimavská Sobota, reports the daily 

"To continue the preparation of the industrial parks and to ensure the competitiveness of the Slovak Republic in attracting foreign investors, the Ministry of Economy considers it expedient that the free resources of MH Invest be used to finance these investment projects (industrial parks)," the Ministry of Economy said. According to the daily, the material proposes a change of purpose for the use of MH Invest funds in the total amount of €21,092,644, of which €999,059 is needed for the preparatory work of the Záborské Industrial Park investment project and €999,956 for the Sabinov Industrial Park project. The amount of €19,093,629 is necessary for the implementation of the investment project Rimavská Sobota Industrial Park.