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by Property Forum | Office

Property developer Skanska and Holcim Romania Group, the producer of building materials, have announced a strategic collaboration that aims to accelerate the transition to a greener built environment. 

Skanska Group’s objective is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, while Holcim Group has the same target by 2050. 

In Equilibrium 2 office project, Skanska's ongoing development in northern Bucharest, Holcim supplied concrete that will lower the carbon footprint. 

“We strongly believe that relying on sustainable solutions will only bring greater benefits to the society, the environment and the economy. That’s why, along with Holcim, we continue to strive to minimize the impact on the environment. We want to make sure that the materials used are obtained responsibly and used in the most appropriate way based on sustainability and, implicitly, on the principles of a circular economy,” says Andrei Ivan, Projects Director within the commercial development division of Skanska in CEE. 

According to the World Green Building Council, the construction sector is currently responsible for 39% of global CO2 emissions, with embedded carbon accounting for 11% of the global carbon footprint. Moreover, embedded carbon could account for as much as half of the entire CO2 footprint of new construction by 2050. 

“In the context of the implementation of the European Green Pact, the provision of green products and solutions, which ensure an efficient use and respectively the circularity of resources, will become a trend for the entire construction sector on a global level. We want this collaboration to be an extra step for the industry in the direction of sustainability, the transition to a greener built environment being a necessity and the only viable way to limit the impact of the climate crisis,” said Anca Alexandru, Director of Concrete Division, Holcim Romania Group. 

Holcim has been collaborating with Skanska since 2014 on the local market.