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The majority owner of RSJ Investments is now the Co-Founder and Head of the Group, Libor Winkler, as another co-founder and presidential candidate Karel Janeček has sold all his shares. Janeček remains in RSJ's sister company, which focuses on stock trading, the daily E15 reports. Neither the group nor Karel Janeček would comment on the changes. 

Janeček's stake in RSJ Investments was the highest until last March when he held nearly 24 percent. At that time, Winkler held the second-largest stake with 14 percent. There were no such significant changes in the other shareholders' stakes. The third-largest shareholder remains Václav Dejčmar, whose stake has fallen from ten to nine percent. 

According to group spokeswoman Vendula Dittrichová, the change in the ownership structure reflects the influence of individual shareholders on the management of the company and also responds to Janeček's candidacy. "Libor Winkler bought out parts of the shares of most of the other shareholders and became the sole controlling person of the company. This change reflects the fact that he is the one who focuses on the management and development of RSJ Investments among its shareholders," said Vendula Dittrichová. "Karel Janeček divested his stake as of March this year, precisely in view of his focus on the presidential campaign," she added. 

The investment group's direction and philosophy remain the same, Dittrichová said, and changes in the ownership structure have no impact on that. Investments in real estate projects, particularly in industrial estates in recent years, represent an increasing share of assets under management. According to Dittrichová, the total value of assets under the group's management as of March last year was approximately CZK 21 billion. In addition to property development, its sub-funds also focus on agriculture, engineering, IT and biotechnology. The group raised capital for its investments through algorithmic trading in financial derivatives, which has been the focus of its sister financial company RSJ since the 1990s.

Janeček remains in RSJ, which deals with investments on stock exchanges, but his shareholding there is gradually declining. However, the change in the composition of ownership, in this case, is related to RSJ's long-term strategy to increase the shares of active shareholders - those who participate in the company's operations. "RSJ is headed by six shareholders, namely Petr Altman, Bronislav Kandrík, Jakub Petrásek, Michal Šaňák, Anton Tyutin and Libor Winkler, who formally heads the company as managing partner," says Dittrichová, adding that the six together own 80 percent of the company.