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In the context of the digital transformation growth, Alexandru Boghiu and Radu Gogoașă announce the launch of The Mavers, a digital & tech startup on the real estate market, with an investment exceeding €300,000.

Alexandru Boghiu has over 10 years of experience in the area of digital real estate, and prior to the opening of The Mavers, he was Digital & Tech Director at CBRE Romania. Radu Gogoașă brings the experience of investing in startups from London to Bucharest, his knowledge being in the area of product development. With skills at the convergence between real estate and technology, Alex and Radu aim to increase the innovation potential of real estate companies through the help of data and the latest technologies.

The Mavers activity will focus on three main pillars: data science projects (Mavers Analytics Technologies), startup studio proptech and digitalization projects.  

“The company's first project is Mavers Analytics Technologies (MAT), a data science platform that consists of two elements - the data warehouse that collects information from many sources, such as real estate developer websites or public data of government institutions and algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence that processes this data set, at a granular level. This segregation allows us to create structured reports, on various areas of interest with our own data, or, upon request, we can use a company’s data, collected over time to generate new perspectives", said Alexandru Boghiu, co-founder of The Mavers, during the online press conference.

“People have been talking about the impact of technology in real estate for some time now. The difference on the market will be made by the start-ups that will be able to develop technologies that save time and costs through process digitalization and automation within the company”, said Radu Gogoașă, co-founder of The Mavers.

Another project that The Mavers is currently working on is for the residential development division of the Bog’Art group, who will launch the first native digital real estate developer, with fully digitized operations.