by Property Forum | Residential

The average asking price for an apartment in Romania stood at €1,379 per sqm in March, up 1.5% compared to the previous month, according to a report by real estate portal 

Prices went up in four of the six cities tracked by the portal. Cluj-Napoca is the most expensive residential market in Romania, with prices up 2.1% to an average of €1,887 per sqm in March compared to February. 

In Bucharest, prices of apartments grew by a monthly average of 1.6% to €1,418 per sqm.  Asking prices for apartments in Brașov were flat at €1,277 per sqm, while listing prices in Constanța kept steady at €1,268 per sqm. In Iași and Timișoara, listing prices were stable at €1,078 per sqm, respectively €1,304 per sqm. Listed apartments had average prices of €1,391 per sqm in March 2020 and €1,237 per sqm in March 2019, according to an index by 

Developers say that residential prices in Romania will remain on a growth path this year due to increasing costs for labour and construction materials.