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by Property Forum | Career

Romanian developer River Development has appointed Oana Rădulea as Managing Partner, replacing Liviu Birău. She assumed her new role in January 2024.

She has over 21 years’ worth of experience in the local and international real estate development industry. She has also worked for Sema Parc as Director of Development and Strategy. Rădulea also held the role of Leasing & Business Development Director at White Star Real Estate, a CEE-based developer. 

"My active contribution in the companies’ group development managed by River Development began 14 years ago, while my efforts have been mainly focused on the planning and implementation of strategies for property leasing, management and development of the portfolio of buildings in Sema Parc,” said the new Managing Partner.

River Development has in its portfolio over 150,000 sqm of office spaces and has delivered over 55,000 sqm of new class A buildings in the last four years. The company reported a €18 million turnover in 2023 and holds current investments worth more than €150 million.