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by Property Forum | Retail

At the country level, the share of retail parks in modern retail stock is constantly growing, at the end of H1 2023 claiming 39% of the market, according to a CBRE report. 

In H1 2023, Romania’s retail stock reached around 4.15 million sqm of modern shopping centers and retail parks spread throughout the country. The total volume of modern retail spaces increased by 22,000 sqm in the first three months of the year, after an investment of €9 million in two retail parks. Other small to medium-sized retail schemes or added to the country's modern stock in this period. 

“The road ahead promises a dynamic retail sector, with growth rates ranging from 28% to an astonishing 50% when compared to pre-pandemic levels. The story of our retail landscape is one of adaptation, tenacity, and ultimately, a promising future,” said Daniela Gavril, Head of Research at CBRE Romania. 

CBRE data further shows that sales and traffic figures registered in the first half of 2023 are higher than the similar period of 2019, considered the best year for retail in Romania.