by Property Forum | Residential

The COVID-19 pandemic did not affect real estate transactions in Romania. During 2020, a total of 602,805 properties were traded, 62,625 more than in 2019, according to the Romanian National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (ANCPI). 

Although Romania has been in lockdown for two months, 2020 is the best year for real estate transactions. In the last month of the year, 77,355 properties were sold nationwide, 17,172 more than in November 2020. The number of houses, lands and apartments that were subject of sale-purchase contracts in December is 26,865 higher than in the similar period of 2019.

The best month of the year was October, when 83,675 properties were sold, with 42% more than the same month in 2019, according to Romanian National Agency for Cadastre. 

The most real estate sales were registered, in December 2020, in Bucharest (12,967), Ilfov (5,734) and Cluj (5,247) and the counties with the least real estate sold in the same period are Caraş Severin (188), Olt (236) and Covasna (377).

Dolj is the county where the most agricultural land was sold in the last month of 2020 with a total number of 893 properties, followed by Buzau with 810 and Arad with 782.