News Article Răzvan Cuc RE/MAX residential Romania transaction
by Property Forum | Report

Real estate consultancy RE/MAX Romania brokered property deals worth more than €300 million in 2021 and almost doubled its commission income to €10.5 million. 

This year, the company aims to reach a turnover of €15 million, while adding more franchises and agents to its portfolio. RE/MAX plans to close 15,000 transactions and grow its network of real estate agents to 1,000. 

“We can say that investments in digitisation, education and top services offered, together with a favourable real estate market have determined the results we have achieved. We continue to expect considerable growth in all business indicators", said Răzvan Cuc, President of RE/MAX Romania. 

The agency brokered around 10,000 transactions last year, of which 83% were in the residential segments. The rest was split between land, commercial, office and industrial assets. Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Brașov have generated the biggest volume of transactions.