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PSN is opening up the brownfield site in Plynárenská Street in Brno to the public, which is being transformed into the "Brno Jedna" project. The company plans to organise small cultural and social events in the area, as well as the possibility of private renting of space. The developer is also leasing the existing office space, which is currently 60% occupied. Construction, which will include both apartments and new commercial units, will begin after all necessary permits have been processed. The approval process is expected to start this year. The company's goal is to revitalize the site overall so that it can offer a pleasant place to work, live and gather not only for local residents but also for the general public.

PSN has started the preparatory phase of converting the former brownfield site of approximately 4.5 hectares, which currently consists of a set of 12 buildings, into the multifunctional project "Brno Jedna". The company is now working on the development proposals for the site with architects from the A8000 studio, which deals with the preparation of development plans for large urban complexes and has extensive experience with such assignments. 

"At PSN we want to bring properties to life, we are not just about demolishing older buildings and building new ones. We are aware of the architectural value of some of the original buildings, which is why we will supplement the existing set of buildings in the Brno Jedna district with the missing functions, especially the residential ones," says Petr Pospíšil, director of the PSN branch in Brno. One of the buildings that the company wants to preserve in its current form is the original storage hall of Jihomoravská plynárenská, which was awarded the title of Building of the Year. "This is a site that requires a number of changes, whether in relation to the zoning plan or, for example, the regulatory plan. We are now opening up the issues with the district and the authorities concerned so that the future design corresponds as closely as possible to the city's idea of strategic development and its perception of urban planning and the area in question. Personally, I consider the cooperation with the city to be very good. All parties approach the negotiations in a constructive and friendly manner. We are aware of the importance of the site and therefore coordinate all planning steps with the city," says the director of the PSN branch in Brno. As part of the revitalisation of the area, PSN plans to organise the cleaning of the areas around the site in the first place. It wants to clean both the train tracks, which are currently full of rubbish, and the embankment of the nearby Svitava River.

"The transformation of such a large area is a long run. As far as the development itself is concerned, we expect to start the permitting procedure for construction later this year. In order not to let the premises lie fallow for the time being, we are still renting out the commercial units. The existing office buildings may be age-appropriate, but they still have a lot to offer. We are occupying them with other tenants to breathe new life into the Brno Jedna district," says Petr Pospíšil, adding: "At the same time, we have decided to organise various events for the general public as part of the modernisation and transformation of the whole area. We will of course approach their planning with respect for the tenants, whom we do not want to restrict at any cost. We would like to bring the residents of Brno closer to our vision of how we will transform the site into a fresh and safe place that should become the first choice for spending leisure time, living and working in Brno. Even the current tenants praise the space and use it for various meetings."

The complex, which currently has 11,441 sqm of offices and 5,380 sqm of warehouses, is continuously monitored by CCTV. Of course, there is plenty of parking space. Current tenants include companies such as innogy, Sysmex, TRL Space Systems, Extra publishing and others. Thanks to its strategic location and very reasonable prices, the offices are also suitable for small start-ups, according to PSN.