by Property Forum | Report

Property Forum is excited to announce that we will be participating as a Channel Partner at the second edition Unissu’s upcoming digital event RE:Connect and are now looking for proptechs and real estate professional interested in the future of real estate to join us as conference participants for free.

Taking place on 17 March 2021, RE:Connect will be a 33-hour, live and on-demand, global digital event that will span all time zones. Property Forum is managing the PropTech CEE channel.

RE:Connect is a groundbreaking digital experience, designed to provide every real estate professional, anywhere in the world, a bespoke day of content and networking to help them understand how innovation and technology are shaping the future of the built world.

The RE:Connect platform is built for thought leaders. Anyone with a view on the future of real estate can create their own live-streamed or pre-recorded video content and access market-leading analytics to understand how it has been received. Over 350 sessions have already been booked.

Join us for free, on 17 March 2021, as a conference participant by signing up to RE:Connect.

Or why not join us as a content creator? Proptechs and individuals that are interested in sharing their views on the future of real estate are welcome to create sessions on the RE:Connect website. Using the RCMA21PRFO code, you can create your own session for £1 only until 5 March.