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by Property Forum | Career

CEE-based media and event platform Property Forum has launched a news portal,, publishing stories on the topic of ESG with a geographical focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Designed to bring you the latest news and information from around the region in real-time, Green Forum’s goal is to provide its readers with the most accurate, up-to-date and unbiased news possible.

With a team of dedicated journalists, reporters and editors, Green Forum will be covering a wide range of topics spanning all sectors of the economy. The new website features daily stories on the business decisions companies across all industries announce as part of their ESG strategy, in addition to in-depth analyses and interviews with leading sustainability professionals from CEE.

As environmental, social and governance factors, alongside financial considerations, are playing an increasingly important role in the decision-making process of companies, there is a naturally growing demand for reliable information. Business leaders are looking to learn more about best practices and this is exactly what Green Forum aims to provide: a hub for like-minded professionals interested to learn about the role of ESG in business across all sectors.

Related to the topic of ESG, Property Forum and Green Forum are preparing two events in the spring season:

  • Romania ESG Forum 2023 on 4th May in Bucharest will gather an impressive line-up of international and local experts to talk about ESG strategies in all areas of business with a strong focus on real-life best practices and case studies.
  • The second edition of the annual European ESG Property Forum on 23rd May in Warsaw will focus on the role of ESG in real estate, bringing together built environment experts to discuss sustainable business strategies for the future and to provide a deeper insight by going beyond the buzzwords.