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by Property Forum | Industrial

Prologis has launched its Essentials Marketplace for Europe, a procurement tool that saves customers time when setting up, expanding or upgrading their operations. This online platform offers a raft of key warehouse interior products and fully managed instalment processes.

Products available on the Prologis Essentials Marketplace are:

  • Prologis SolarSmart: Green energy production that helps customers reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. Across Europe, 108 customers are already using solar energy systems that Prologis has installed and maintained.
  • LED lighting: With many customers now operating longer hours, LED lighting helps improve employee wellbeing and lowers energy consumption and costs. Customers can upgrade to ‘smart’ LED warehouse lighting, with movement sensors and daylight controls.
  • Warehouse racking: Fitting out a warehouse with racking can be a time-consuming and costly exercise. The company’s global scale enables it to secure competitive market rates and provide innovative, tested solutions, so customers can access a wide range of top-quality racking solutions.
  • Forklifts: Essential to the smooth running and efficient operation of any warehouse, Prologis’s complete Forklift Solutions provide customers with a simple and cost-effective procurement solution for a selection of competitively priced, preconfigured forklifts, reach and pallet trucks.

In addition to the Essentials Marketplace in Europe, the next phases of the Prologis Essentials platform will include Facility Management and Customer Resource services.