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The Prague City Council has approved the investment preparation of the Beranka residential project in Prague Horní Počernice. The construction of 300 flats on an area of 63,000 sqm is being prepared under the management of the Prague Development Company (PDS). Architectural competition and tenders are being prepared. PDS plans to build between 2025 and 2030.

The Prague City Council approved the investment preparation of the Beranka project in Prague Horní Počernice, which consists of the construction of approximately 300 units of urban affordable rental housing and a primary school for approximately 540 children. This year, a master plan will be prepared for the 63,000 sqm area under the management of PDS, which will become the basis for architectural competitions and tenders for individual parts of this urban housing project. Their purpose will be to secure the documentation for the planning decision and building permit. PDS expects the actual implementation of the Beranka Horní Počernice project to take place between 2025 and 2030.

"The Beranka project on the eastern outskirts of Prague in Horní Počernice enables the creation of approximately 300 new housing units of affordable urban housing and civic amenities in the form of a primary school for 540 children and a sports complex. We anticipate the construction of mostly low-rise apartment buildings according to the urban concept of low-rise high density, which will build on the existing development in Horní Počernice," says Petr Hlaváček, Deputy Mayor of Prague.

"Affordable housing and increasing the housing stock is one of our priorities. Most metropolitan areas are facing a shortage of housing, or more demand than supply. Logically, this is because of the attractiveness of capital cities where there are enough job opportunities, educational institutions, cultural amenities and other benefits. However, we are trying to look for all alternatives and possibilities for increasing the number of rental flats for Prague residents, so I am very happy about this project," says Alexandra Udženija, Prague's Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs, Health and Housing Policy.

"PDS will prepare a masterplan for the site in 2023, which will lay out the new construction and divide it into suitable implementation units. Subsequently, it will announce architectural competitions or tenders for suppliers of individual project documents for zoning and construction procedures. According to the permitting process, the entire Beranka Horní Počernice project is expected to be implemented between 2025 and 2030," concludes Petr Urbánek, Director of PDS.  Within the framework of this project, the capital city is significantly meeting the demand of the Prague 20 district for the construction of a primary school and is proposing it in the originally purely residential Beranka project. Other areas in Horní Počernice designated by the zoning plan for education are mainly owned by private owners who do not consider this functional use of their land.