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by Property Forum | Retail

Polish company Scallier is developing a new chain of retail parks in small and medium-sized Romanian cities under the Funshop Park brand. By 2022, 6 facilities with a total leasable area of ​​40,000 sqm will be completed. Work is currently underway to prepare further investments. Scallier, based in Poznań, has been operating on the Polish market for nearly a decade and specializes in investment management in the sector of small and medium-sized commercial facilities.

“Funshop Park is a compact facility tailored to the needs of local communities. Hence, a characteristic feature of these projects will be a diversified gastronomical service offer, it’s an expectation of Romanian customers. This, among other things, distinguishes Polish parks from those implemented in Romania,” says Wojciech Jurga, Managing Partner at Scallier, responsible for the company’s development on the Romanian market.

“We decided to implement projects in Romania due to how similar this market is to the Polish market, as well as the special moment in time which this country is currently located within. Romania is in a place where Poland was about 10 years ago. The wealth of residents is growing, and the offer of modern retail space is very limited. In many cities with tens of thousands of people, there are no such spaces at all. The situation related to this pandemic, which changes the market conditions, is also important. E-commerce and complementary projects are dynamically developing, meeting the expectations of consumers and making it possible to shop quickly and conveniently,” he adds.

“Scallier’s specialists are already in the latter stages of negotiations with Polish retail chains regarding the lease of space in the parks. We also actively encourage all other tenants who want to develop their sales network in Romania. Our ambition is to create an environment that is very well suited to the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of small and medium-sized Romanian cities and the requirements of international retail chains,” he concludes.

Scallier Ltd. conducts activities in the field of investment management in the commercial real estate sector, as well as manages such assets, focusing on maximizing the value of properties over time. The company was founded in 2011 and specializes in the sector of retail parks, regional galleries, arcades and free-standing commercial facilities. Its offer is dedicated to investors from both the private sector and institutions.