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Passerinvest Group has appointed Eduard Forejt as its new Business Development Director. He has expanded his current position to include activities related to the development of the sales team, planning and control of business activities as well as client and partner care. As this is an expanded position, Eduard Forejt will remain responsible for the development of Passerinvest's business activities and acquisitions, the company announced. 

"I see the extension of the position to the business area as another attractive growth opportunity in my professional life. After all, combining these two positions is a logical step. After all, business and company development are going hand in hand. I am therefore looking forward to enriching my colleagues with my experience and know-how in real estate, and I believe that our cooperation will lead to further projects and changes with added value for our tenants. In my new position, I would therefore also like to focus on further deepening the cooperation between the commercial team and the technical team, so that we can make the most of the potential of our joint knowledge, both in the preparation of future projects and in the operation of existing ones.  My priorities remain virtually unchanged, I will continue to strive for the development of Brumlovka and Prague's Roztyl, which we would like to make into pleasant urban locations, i.e. quality space for work, living, and leisure," comments Eduard Forejt, Director of Business Development at Passerinvest Group.

Eduard Forejt has been working at Passerinvest since 2018. He has been working in the real estate market since 1996 and has gained experience, among other things, at the Czech branch of Jones Lang LaSalle, where he previously worked in sales and senior management positions with a focus on commercial real estate. Forejt holds the title of CRE® (Counselor of Real Estate) of the prestigious American organization The Counselors of Real Estate®. He is also the first Czech-certified Fitwell Ambassador, New York-based Fitwell Certification Systems. The goal of the organization is to improve all buildings and their surroundings so that they have a pleasant effect on their users and nearby communities and improve their quality of life.