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Panattoni is developing another modern and ecologically sustainable cross-docking terminal for DB Schenker. The 6,000 sqm centre is to be built within the Rzeszów-Dworzysko Science and Technology Park. It will be equipped with a range of solutions to protect the environment as well as intelligent systems to optimise logistic operations. The developer is to hand the centre over in January 2021 and the development has already been accredited as an innovative centre by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency.

Panattoni is to deliver a cross-docking terminal in Rzeszów, which will meet the criteria of DB Schenker's sustainable development policy. The building is to include solar panels for heating water, greywater collection for flushing the toilets in the office building and a HVAC system that can recover 90% of the excess heat. In order to optimise its logistics operations, DB Schenker is to use the intelligent MetrXFreight system for intelligently measuring the dimensions of loads as well as the new Connect 4.0 online platform for handling parcels. The project is to be built on a 4.5 ha site and the building will have 6,071 sqm of useable space of which 5,275 will be the hall and 725 will be office space. DB Schenker will have 57 docks at its disposal as well as 200 parking spaces, including 30 for trucks and 13 for vans. The building is to be completed in January 2021.

Panattoni is also developing a building for DB Schenker in Świdnik near Lublin, where safe, modern equipment is to be used, including silent electric-powered forklifts, LED lighting, and heat recovery systems. The building will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. Earlier at the start of 2019, the developer delivered a building in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska near Wrocław, in which the ecological solutions used allowed for energy consumption to be halved with CO² emissions lowered by 230 tons in comparison to a traditional building.