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Panattoni Europe has opened the largest manufacturing facility in its portfolio and the largest plant manufacturing household appliances in Europe – a dishwasher factory for BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego. The facility dedicated to Industry 4.0 was built in Łódź – next to the Central European Logistics Hub – taking up 57,000 sqm. The official opening took place on 10 September, 10 months after the acquisition of the site. The factory neighbours on the BSH Logistics Centre and the upcoming Panattoni Appliance Park, developed specifically to serve BSH’s manufacturing facility.

The total space offered by the BSH dishwasher factory created by Panattoni Europe amounts to 57,000 sqm. Consequently, it is the largest manufacturing facility of household appliances in Europe and the largest factory in Panattoni Europe’s portfolio. The production hall takes up 47,400 sqm. It features state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solutions – underlying the integration of human resources and digitally controlled machines with internet and information technologies. Moreover, the building has been fitted with an intelligent building management system (BMS). Apart from the manufacturing section, 9,500 sqm in the facility are dedicated to office and social space. It includes creative zones fostering effective collaboration in a friendly atmosphere.

The facility was completed within just 10 months of the purchase of land, which posed quite a challenge for the developer. Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director Panattoni Europe, explains: “The development of the BSH factory was a complex process. Already the purchase of land was a major undertaking, as we acquired the site from 21 owners. In the construction, at the peak of the project, we engaged 400 workers and 50 contractors. It was our third joint project with BSH, but by far the most demanding. However, with enough elbow grease and excellent planning, we have managed to deliver on time”.

The BSH factory in Łódź has taken place at the centre of the company’s logistics hub. By constructing two roofed and walled passageways, 58 metres long each, Panattoni Europe linked it up with the 79,000-square-metre BSH Logistics Centre. The latter, which has its own railway siding, finds itself at the Central European Logistics Hub – the largest logistics complex in Europe. The tunnels connecting it with the factory allow for an uninterrupted flow of materials between the facilities, and facilitate the logistics of finished products from the factory to their destinations. The HUB complex also includes the upcoming 30,000-square-metre Panattoni Appliance Park. It is being developed exclusively for the needs of the BSH dishwasher factory. The park will provide a base for manufacturers and subcontractors, whose transport operations will be facilitated by the road to the BSH factory created by Panattoni Europe. Completion of the complex is planned for Q1 2020.

One of the key aspects for BSH in the development of the new factory was to include solutions which are good for the environment. According to Konrad Pokutycki, CEO of BSH in Poland: “The building was designed with eco-friendly solutions in mind. The machine cooling system and climate control are highly energy-efficient. The plant will also use rainwater harvested using a special installation. Moreover, strategically placed skylights will let in natural sunlight, both into staff facilities and the manufacturing hall”. He concludes by saying “BSH places a strong emphasis on being a pro-environmental business”.

The newly opened BSH dishwasher factory in Łódź, over the long term, will give jobs to 1500 people who will be making 3 million appliances a year. The products made at the plant will include slimline 45 cm dishwashers, which were not manufactured in Poland to date, and also appliances featuring the Home Connect function – BSH’s own solution based on the Internet of Things. It provides for enhanced functionality of devices thanks to smartphone and tablet applications.