by Ákos Budai | Industrial

Panattoni Europe completed the manufacturing site built for Kongsberg Automotive of Norway. The project, sized 6300 sqm, was executed in Koluszki, Central Poland. Formal acceptance of the project by tenant took place on 15 July 2016

The size of the project exceeds 6300 sqm, with the manufacturing and storage area occupying over 5600 sqm plus more than 700 sqm office space. The factory will be manufacturing truck components for leading vendors, and the first product lot will come into existence already in September. The project was developed in the industrial area of Koluszki, in the Łódź Economic Area.
The project for Kongsberg Automotive has been executed by BTS Group Panattoni Europe team, who have long ago started the trend for tailor-made development of manufacturing projects, particularly those dedicated to the automotive industry. According to Marek Foryński, Managing Director of BTS Group, Panattoni Europe: “Operators in this business sector, such as Kongsberg Automative, constitute a very important group of tenants or owners of the projects we develop across Europe. With our flexible and diversified solutions, we are attractive to manufacturers of car sub-assemblies and equipment items, as well as car part distributors; we support them with our knowledge and experience on dedicated BTS projects.”