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Panattoni has completed Panattoni Park Kraków North, its largest project in Małopolska with an area of over 56,500 sqm. Trivium Packaging is to occupy around 21,000 sqm while Almus is to take up over 25,000 sqm. These are two of the largest leases signed by Panattoni in the region.

Panattoni Park Kraków North is now almost completely commercialised. “At first this was not an obvious location for the Kraków market. Nonetheless, Panattoni’s strategic, long-term view, which is what tenants value, has paid off. By the end of next year, a section of the S7, which is of key importance, will have been built and eventually it will join Gdańsk with Poland’s southern border. Moreover, two international airports Kraków-Balice and Katowice-Pyrzowice can be found within 100 km of the park. Additionally, the village of Wężerów, where the development lies, is located at such a distance from Kraków that it can offer competitive conditions while still having excellent connections to the city. This is an attraction for international companies, but also for local firms that can consolidate their operations when they are spread out over smaller areas”, says Michał Samborski, Head of Development at Panattoni.

The first tenant is global metal packaging manufacturer Trivium Packaging, which took up 21,000 sqm in the first quarter of the year. The business has a currently operational chemical packaging production facility, which it is moving to the Małopolska park. The centre is also to be used for spraying and packing. The company is to serve the markets of Poland and numerous other European countries from Panattoni Park Kraków North. The Kraków factory will be the benchmark for Trivium Packaging’s European portfolio. The project has been developed to the highest standards of sustainable construction and is to be awarded a BREEAM certificate with a rating of ‘Excellent’. This will ensure significant reductions in energy and water usage as well as in CO2 emissions. 

The second building, which was handed over at the end of Q2/beginning of Q3, has an area of 25,000 sqm and is also to be certified for a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. The entire area has been occupied by hygienic and industrial paper manufacturer Almus. For this, Panattoni prepared a special fire-protected zone for the storage of the components used in the production of toilet and kitchen rolls. The park’s location allows for the company’s further development in the region from which it comes from. Almus has a manufacturing centre in Słomniki, and the centre will allow the company to consolidate dozens of smaller storage facilities and thus allow it to streamline its logistics operations.

“The large leases signed with Trivium Packaging and Almus demonstrate not only how prudent the decision was to locate the park in Wężerów but also how much potential Małopolska holds for manufacturing companies. Panattoni makes an excellent partner for them by providing both factories and the warehouse and logistics facilities that are crucial to supply chains”, says Michał Samborski.