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Panattoni has completed space within Panattoni Park Kraków West I tailored to the needs of biotechnology firm SyVento BioTech, which is to use the space for advanced pharmaceutical production. The park in Skawina has now been fully leased with space in the park also used by companies from the retail, electronics and logistics industries.

This year in July, the developer crossed the threshold of having delivered a quarter of a million sqm in the region. The Panattoni Park Kraków West I development in Skawina za Górą showcases how much potential the region holds for many industries. The facility will host companies involved in retail, logistics, electronics, as well as one of the largest suppliers of electric motors to pump, compressor and fan manufacturers.

The biotechnology company SyVento BioTech has taken over more than 4300 square meters. It offers technologically advanced, innovative liposomal nanocarriers, with a particular focus on LNP formulations for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, including nucleic acid-based drugs, e.g., RNA. SyVento BioTech's comprehensive offer allows for the realization of projects related to both the development of liposomal formulations for many pharmaceutical substances, including RNA synthesis through to final production of ready-to-use therapeutics for humans, along with service offerings at all levels of product development in cGMP standards. As part of the Panattoni park, SyVento BioTech will conduct development and biotechnological production, providing its services on a global scale. In addition, the developer provided approx. 500 square meters of office space.

“The Kraków region, which is centred around Poland’s second-largest city, attracts technology companies who gain access to skilled labour from the most technically advanced colleges in the country,” says Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director at Panattoni and he adds: “Modern industrial space is finding ever broader uses. It has become not only a space used for warehousing and logistics but also for technology. Within our centres laboratories and R&D centres have been created, all of which are harmoniously combined with production space and modern offices to create a single functioning organism.”

The Slovakian border can be reached within 80 minutes from the park while it is less than two hours to the Czech Republic. Moreover, being just 10 minutes away from the nearest junction on the A4 motorway ensures an easy connection to the southwestern border with Germany. (via Katowice, Opole and Wrocław) as well as to Ukraine (via Rzeszów). Additionally, the building has been equipped with a host of sustainable development solutions and is to undergo BREEAM certification.