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This year, P3 will focus on offering clients facilities constructed on a built-to-suit basis. On a site adjacent to highway D6 near Prague, the industrial developer is ready to start building 17,000 sqm of warehouse space immediately. Additional thousands of square metres are on offer midway between Prague and Dresden at P3 Lovosice, and the first columns will soon be erected in P3's new parks in Ostrava and in Myslinka near Pilsen. All of P3's new buildings will carry a BREEAM Very Good or higher certificate.

Land is in short supply in Prague’s vicinity

Last year, P3 completed several interesting acquisitions, which included a smaller park in Stochov, a Central Bohemian town accessible from Prague's western suburbs. The European industrial developer plans to build another warehouse there with a floor area of 17,000 sqm in addition to an existing facility used by Müller Technik to assemble and distribute automotive components manufactured by the company. In addition, P3 offers tenants the lease of smaller units as well.

"This is one of the last opportunities to carry out a development of such a scope in the vicinity of Prague. Currently, most inquiries we receive concern this locality," reveals Daniel Kubizňák, P3's Head of Leasing and Development.

The P3 Lovosice Park is relatively well accessible from Prague (40 minutes) and at the same time close to the German border (60 minutes). The site has sufficient space for the construction of a warehouse with a combined capacity of close to 28,000 sqm, mostly for logistics and light manufacturing. Tenants currently conducting business in the park include FM Logistic and the owner of retail furniture chain XLMX. Another client that has recently relocated to the park is VanEupen, a firm specializing in reverse logistics and electrical appliance servicing.

New industrial parks grow both in the centre and on the outskirts

Another brand-new park that will benefit from a good connection to Germany via Highway D5 is P3 Plzeň Myslinka, located about 12 kilometres from Pilsen's centre and 4 km from the highway exit near the municipality of Myslinka. The park will feature five warehouses with units ranging from 3,000 sqm to 30,000 sqm. The construction of the first facility will begin this spring, and it will be ready for the first tenants at the turn of the year.

P3 is planning to build another park on a brownfield in the greater central area of Ostrava, in the vicinity of the Lower Vítkovice Area. Named P3 Ostrava Central, the strategically located commercial and industrial district will has been designed to cater to modern urban logistics trends.

"Spanning over 110 acres, the site will provide suitable facilities for both logistics and manufacturing, and feature excellent connections to municipal public transport and major roads and railways. These attributes and much more provide a high potential for retail and e-commerce. Smaller buildings on the site will be ideal for sample rooms, showrooms, or outlets directly serving customers, such as service centres or pickup points," explains Kubizňák, adding that the size of offered units will range from 1,500 sqm to as much as 30,000 sqm. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year, and the first tenants will move in by the summer of next year.