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P3 Logistic Parks is expanding its activities with its first project in eastern Slovakia. It is starting construction of a modern logistics and industrial park near the village of Nová Polhora. This is an attractive location for developers and business, offering easy access via the D1 motorway to the metropolises of eastern Slovakia – Košice and Prešov – and logistics connections to neighbouring countries.

“The P3 Park at Nová Polhora is our fourth park in Slovakia, but our first in eastern Slovakia. It is a region with strong potential for growth and economic development not only because of the expanding road infrastructure but also because of the existing distribution of industry, commerce and services and the high-quality workforce available,” says Peter Jánoši, the director of P3 Logistic Parks for Slovakia: “Our modern and environmentally friendly P3 park will be built in several stages and will provide space for companies and investors in the light manufacturing, automotive, retail, e-commerce, logistics and distribution sectors. The park has the potential to grow to an area of nearly 170,000 square metres. It could thus provide jobs for around 1,500 people from the Košice and Prešov regions”.

“Given its location and area, our P3 Park aims to become not just a regional but an international logistics hub linking the north and south of eastern Slovakia, neighbouring countries and perhaps even Ukraine, where there are favourable forecasts for economic development,” Peter Jánoši explains the importance of the park, adding: “We are also close to the Kechnec bypass and the planned state strategic park at Haniska near Košice, which aims to attract global investors in several industrial segments. P3 has especially strong competences and experience in the automotive sector. What is more, the planned completion of the motorway to Košice from the Hungarian side in 2022 will reinforce the development potential of the whole region and highlight its significance for incoming investors”.

The new P3 Park in Nová Polhora is in an excellent location for logistics. It is situated close to the motorway artery between Košice and Prešov, the two most important metropolises of eastern Slovakia.  Tenants will thus be able to serve the whole region quickly and easily. It will be just as practical for workers to commute to the park, which thus satisfies one of the strict criteria that P3 sets for the sites of its own parks, which is easy motorway access with minimal impact on nearby communities. Residents in and around Nová Polhora will not feel any rise in traffic.

The initial phase of construction of the park began in the last few days and two buildings, each with the same area of 12,900 sqm, will be built over the coming year. The first tenant of one of the halls will be C.S. Cargo, a major international logistics company.

P3 Logistic Parks sees eastern Slovakia as a region with excellent prospects that is attractive for investors.  The company envisions a long-term, strategic presence in the region involving the construction of further stages of the P3 Park.