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Occam Real Estate wants to expand its development activities in Košice. After the successful acquisition of the 17,650 sqm BCT1 office building, which it bought in 2020 from the development section of the investment group Penta, it is now entering the residential development field with a €30 million project, reports the web portal

The planned residential project of Occam Real Estate in Košice, Slovakia, is expected to include up to 200 residential units. A group of private investors is backing the construction on the 8,000 sqm plot and intends to invest up to €30 million. The architectural implementation was won by the pair of studios Sadovsky&Architects and Superatelier. However, the project itself is currently in the preparatory phase, awaiting the necessary permits.

"This is our first ever major residential project, so we are approaching it very conscientiously. We want to show the people of Košice that we are a developer who deals with the area responsibly and sensitively," says Jozef Šimek from Occam Real Estate. There was originally a planned office project with the building permit for the land where the residential development is now planned, however, Occam will not implement the office project.