News Article Michele Nusco Nusco Imobiliara residential Romania Sorin Dumitrașcu
by Property Forum | Career

Property developer Nusco Imobiliara has appointed Sorin Dumitrașcu as Development Director, tasked with overseeing the company’s development operations for all its projects. 

He has over 30 years’ worth of experience in construction management. A construction engineer by profession, he has managed over 25 large-scale projects, both in Romania and abroad. 

“The fact that I am in a stage of professional maturity will help me manage several construction sites in parallel. This role covers a complex activity, being close to the project from the concept phase, right up to the delivery: the budget execution part of the projects, project administration and construction management,” said Dumitrașcu. 

Michele Nusco, CEO, Nusco Imobiliara added that a recruitment of this level will help the company grow its portfolio at an even better pace. 

Nusco Imobiliara has delivered a series of office and residential projects in Bucharest to date.