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by Property Forum | Report

Last year the number of new green buildings and the "greening" of existing ones continued to grow dynamically in Budapest, Colliers reports.

As for the WELL certification, which focuses on human health, while we have only seen pre-certifications in the past, two buildings attained final WELL certification last year. Besides these, 6 buildings have attained pre-certification and several ongoing projects are registered, Colliers reported.

The social responsibility of developers and owners is demonstrated by the fact that more and more buildings are being awarded the Access4you certificate, which is a trademark of Hungarian origin but registered as a European trademark. Access4you certifies the accessibility of buildings for different user groups with special needs.

The office market in Budapest will see an increase of nearly 180 000 sqm of green office space in 2021. There has been a significant increase in new build stock, with almost all new office buildings becoming green certified. This alone amounted to 160 000 m2. Although the total floor area of the existing building certifications was 150 000 sqm, the total floor area increased only slightly due to non-renewed and expired certifications.

All in all, 44% of all modern office space, 1 750 000 sqm, is considered green. It is also worth looking at the number of buildings, which according to our database is 100 certified buildings, representing around 24% of the total modern stock.

While it used to be true only for the office market that no new office building would be built without some kind of green certification, this now seems to be true for industrial properties as well. Similarly to the refurbishment and greening of previously built stock, and attaining the related certification in connection with this.

CTP has taken the biggest step in greening its existing stock and has achieved BREEAM In-Use certification for its entire portfolio. This represents more than 20 buildings in Hungary alone. In addition, they are planning to install solar power plants on the roofs of many of their buildings.