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by Property Forum | Residential

Romanian developer Novum Invest will invest in luxury homes as part of an expansion of its Novum by the Sea resort in Olimp. 

The residential complex, which will be delivered in the next 2 years, will comprise 408 apartments and 36 duplexes and 465 parking lots, located in the three basement levels. 

The initial resort project was completed in 2020 following an investment of more than €20 million. 

“We are thus continuing the second phase of the Novum by the Sea master project, by expanding it with a luxury residential complex, addressed to those who want to own a property inside the relaxation resort. We address both investors and residents who want an extended vacation, enjoying all the facilities offered by Novum by the Sea," says Alin Popa, General Manager of Novum Invest. 

The company currently has four new residential projects under development in Bucharest, with over 1,700 apartments to be delivered in the next 3 years.