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by Property Forum | Residential

Romanian Nordis Group, specialized in the development of hotels and residential projects, recorded sales of RON 400 million (around €80.9 million), mainly in the project located in Mamaia.

Last year, the company sold over 700 units in projects located at the seaside, in the mountains and in Bucharest.  

The company is working on four building sites at present and has already sold 258 units in the second phase of its Nordis Mamaia complex. 

“Looking at last year's figures, I see that we are in one of the best moments of the premium real estate market in Romania and the trend is upwards. We are happy to see the growing interest of Romanians in long-term investments with Nordis. The country's tourist resorts continue to be the most sought after, and the new law on the application of the reduced VAT rate of 5% for housing is an opportunity that many Romanians have been waiting for to buy an apartment,” said Florin Poștoacă, Sales Manager of Nordis Group. 

The group said that 86% of its clients are familiar with property investments and already own real estate assets.