News Article Daniel Penciuc Emanuel Poștoacă Florin Poștoacă Nordis Group Romania shareholder
by Property Forum | Career

Romanian developer Nordis Group has added Daniel Penciuc (left in picture) and Florin Poștoacă as shareholders, each with stakes of 5% in Nordis Management. Following the move, the group’s number of shareholders rose to six. 

Penciuc is Strategy and Communication Director of the company, while Poștoacă is Sales Director. Nordis Group has ongoing investments of €424.5 million in four projects located in Mamaia, Brașov, Sinaia and Bucharest. 

”We are a group of companies with big plans, and we expect the highest level of proficiency from our team, including competence, determination, hard work, and exceptional results,” said Emanuel Poștoacă, Founder of Nordis Group. 

Penciuc, 42, has a BA in journalism and communication at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași. He developed several advertising businesses and later became an investor in one of the Nordis buildings in Bucharest. 

Meanwhile, Poștoacă has a BA in Marketing and an MA in marketing research from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He has been working in real estate since college. During his career, he has been in charge of real estate development for three major projects in the northern area of the Capital.