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by Property Forum | Residential

The ZWIRN project in Bratislava is expanding at its last stage. YIT has launched the sale of the first part of apartments and suites of the final stage under the name ZWIRN 2.

The residential complex is located in the neighbourhood of the recently reconstructed National Cultural Monument Pradiareň 1900 in the new Bratislava downtown. In the first stage, the developer delivered 267 housing units, in this one a total counts 384. The first part of them, 185 housing units, is currently being launched for sale.

Already in the first stage, the developer prepared a set of measures to increase the ecological potential of the green inner block and all landscaping. "We perceive the courtyard and inner block as an extension of the apartment. It's a kind of common living room of the neighbourhood community," explains Milan Murcko, CEO YIT Slovakia. The inner block is divided into relaxation zones, a children's playground with a sandpit, and there is also space for exercise.

The areas at each residential entrance are completed with artwork by the Czech artist Veronika Seligerová. In the first stage, there are six large-sized ceramic mosaics with different coloured glazes in the shape of letters, which mark the individual entrances.

Art will also be part of the large square near ZWIRN. The form of the work arose from an open competition, and the winner was the young artistic collective Alex Selmeci, Tomáš Kocka Jusko and Natália Sýkorová with a unique work called Cievka (Reel). It will represent the stories of women who worked in the thread factory there.