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Investors' interest in the construction of retail parks in Serbia has not been declining for several years now. Investors are mostly focused on building new facilities in secondary and tertiary locations. As much as 14% of the total offer of retail parks in Serbia is located in the region of central Serbia. The Šumadija region is attracting more and more attention, so the company Peštan announced the opening of a new retail park in 2025 - Arandjelovac Retail Park. 

The new centre of Arandjelovac 

Considering the planned activities and offers, Arandjelovac Retail Park will not only become a favourite shopping destination for residents of the Serbian city of Arandjelovac and the surrounding locations but also a new city centre that will provide entertainment for all age groups. Most importantly, the opening of the new retail park will provide 200 new job openings. 

Positioned on the main approach to Arandjelovac City from the east and only 2 km from the city centre, Arandjelovac Retail Park will cover 10,000 sqm and include over 15 retail units. Sufficient parking spaces are provided for all visitors, and the mix of tenants will include family entertainment, a supermarket, restaurants and cafes, international and domestic tenants offering fashion, sports equipment, home and household equipment, and the arrival of new brands is also announced. As the exclusive lease representative for Arandjelovac Retail Park, the CBRE office for Southeast Europe has been appointed. 

Retail park in accordance with ESG standards 

In its operations, Peštan strives to maintain a balance between economic success, awareness of the impact on ecology and the environment and social responsibility. Since 2018, they have been paying special attention to the topics of energy efficiency, green business, and responsible attitude towards natural resources, and are taking significant measures in these areas.

In the same way, they are committed to the construction of Arandjelovac Retail Park, which will be built in accordance with ESG standards, which will have an impact not only on the environment but also ensure more sustainable business and cost reduction for the tenants themselves.