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APB is planning a residential development on its land in Plzeň. It wants to build a brand new district on the site of the former Slovany barracks for CZK 20 billion (€825 million). The company has already signed a memorandum of cooperation with the city, which will help to build a new kindergarten as part of its subsidies, writes the daily

Up to 10,000 people could live in the new 32-hectare district, where thousands of apartments, shops, offices, roads, and parks will be built. According to, the first apartments could be occupied in three to four years. "We have been waiting 25 years for an opportunity to show our common will in this zone," said Mayor Roman Zarzycký, who believes that the plan should be confirmed by the city council in April. The largest brownfield site in Plzeň has been completely abandoned since 1992 and has not been developed. This is to be provided by the investor at his own expense, as well as the transport infrastructure. In the first phase, it will build the first part of a water pipeline for a quarter of a billion crowns (€10.3 million), the absence of which has long prevented any construction. The brownfield is otherwise cleaned up and free of environmental burdens, and the old army buildings have already been demolished.

"I believe that the developer will keep its commitments. Personally, I am very much looking forward to it, it is an opportunity for Pilseners. Not only urban apartments will be built in the locality, but also private apartments, which should have a positive effect on the real estate market. When there is competition, prices fall," said Zarzycký. The developer envisages both owner-occupied and rental housing.

APB Group, which is mainly engaged in providing services in the construction industry, will build in Plzeň together with Slovany pozemky and Slovany develop. "This is not a small development project, but a really big neighbourhood. We are planning not only flats but also civic amenities, a kindergarten, maybe even a school," said Petr Březina, co-owner of APB. "At today's prices, a total of around CZK 20 billion (€825 million) could go into the area. We expect to build the new district gradually over about 15 years." The investor will provide the city with land for the construction of a kindergarten for a symbolic price. A primary school is also likely to be built in the new quarter. The Pilsen City Council is also interested in the right of first refusal on land for potential urban housing construction. The shape of the new district is due to be unveiled after Christmas.