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The Obchodná office building, which is part of the new NordCity zone in Žilina, a town in the north-west of Slovakia about 200 km from Bratislava, has been approved and put into operation. Among its largest tenants are international companies Siemens, BeLenka, Ipesoft and GoodRequest. Behind the construction of the entire zone is the developer Reinoo whose owner is entrepreneur Milan Dubec. 

Investments in the construction of the Obchodná office building and the parking house amounted to €34 million. The building will employ 1,100 top professionals, making it one of the largest investments in jobs in Žilina. The project is located on Obchodná Street in the Vlčince district and is part of the new NordCity Žilina zone. On 8 floors it brings more than 13,000 sqm of leasable space and together with the parking house, which has smart parking, more than 1000 parking spaces.

Obchodná is the second finished building in this zone, which when completed will consist of three office buildings and a modern parking house. The final, third office building, which will complete the new IT and technology zone, is currently under construction.

"Just one kilometre from the University of Žilina, we have completed an office building that will house the most innovative companies in the region working on international projects and will become the IT heart of Žilina," says Milan Dubec, CEO of Reinoo.