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by Property Forum | Retail

Property group NEPI Rockcastle has launched the “Donate for the Ukrainian people” campaign, conducted through SPOT, the mobile loyalty application of the company.  

The company has committed a donation of €75,000 for humanitarian organization Crucea Roșie Română. The campaign will run until a similar amount is raised from users of the SPOT mobile app. 

“In these times, the civil society, along with companies, people everywhere and authorities prove boundless generosity, empathy and real leadership. We will continue mobilizing our resources in supporting people in need,” said Rüdiger Dany, CEO of NEPI Rockcastle. 

The fundraising campaign is carried out through 18 commercial centres part of NEPI Rockcastle’s portfolio in Romania. 

“All the support we receive from companies is necessary and highly appreciated. I believe that the solidarity we have seen in these times is amazing and represents hope for all nations. We thank NEPI Rockcastle for joining us in our endeavor to do good deeds,” said Ioan Silviu Lefter, General Director, Crucea Roșie Română. 

NEPI Rockcastle has a network of 20 shopping centres and seven strip malls in Romania.