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MOL Group has laid the foundation for the new MOL Campus headquarters. The future workspace for up to 2,500 employees will be located on the banks of the Danube in the southern part of Budapest, close to the current HQ building. Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2021.

Zsolt Hernádi, Chairman-CEO of MOL Group said: "We are building the most modern office building in the region, MOL Campus. This unprecedented building represents the culmination of the development of MOL's market position and culture over the past twenty years but is also the basis for our future. It underlines that MOL lives in symbiosis with its environment, invests in the future and provides an inspiring work environment for the employees who will provide the lion’s share of the implementation of the MOL 2030 strategy."
Meeting the ambitious targets of the new long-term strategy, MOL 2030, requires smart investments in both physical infrastructure and human capital. Currently, MOL headquarters are scattered throughout five districts in Budapest, in buildings mostly constructed during the 1970s. The new campus will not only generate substantial operational synergies through the relocation of all Budapest staff but will also play an essential role in redesigning the employee experience, enhancing collaboration and helping to create a superior physical, technological and cultural environment. This will be crucial for attracting and retaining a high quality, mobile and tech-savvy workforce in the future. In line with MOL’s vision for 2030, the new campus will feature the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability and aims to obtain both LEED and BREEAM qualifications.
MOL hired Berlin-based KINZO to design the interior of MOL Campus. KINZO has previously designed interior design projects for large office buildings such as the ERSTE Campus in Vienna, the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach and the SoundCloud office in Berlin. KINZO's local partner is Minusplus.
MOL Campus is designed by one of the most renowned architectural studios in the world, the UK-based Foster + Partners, who will be also responsible for certain interior community areas in coordination with KINZO. Foster + Partners’ Hungarian partner is FintaStudio.