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by Property Forum | Retail

German group Metro intends to sell and lease back 9 of its stores in Romania to increase its competitiveness and efficiency and to improve liquidity for new investments and developments. The offer also includes 6 stores in Slovakia.

The model has already been successfully tested by the company in other countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic last year, with 11 stores sold for over €250 million.

The Metro Cash & Carry network operates 32 stores in 24 Romanian cities, out of which only 2 are leased. The average area of a store, including the storage area, is over 10.000 sqm, which brings the total area of the offered portfolio to about 90.000 sqm. Considering the guarantee of long-term (10 years) leasing of the stores, the portfolio value can be estimated at over €100 million, according to