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Marvipol Development special purpose vehicles have concluded two preliminary property sale agreements with LaSalle Investment Management KVG. The initial sale price is approx. €29.6 million net.

Both SPVs are joint ventures of Marvipol Logistics and PG Dutch Holding I. The companies are implementing logistics and warehouse projects on the properties sold.

The first contract concerns the obligation to conclude a promised sale agreement for the right of perpetual usufruct of a plot of land with an area of ​​3.13 ha and ownership of buildings erected on it, as well as the right of ownership of the built-up land property with an area of ​​0.21 ha in Warsaw.

The second contract obliges to conclude a promised contract for the sale of ownership of built-up land property of 2.28 ha in the Michałowice municipality.

The conclusion of promised contracts should take place by June 30, 2020, but this deadline may be extended.