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by Property Forum | Investment

Bulgarian malt producer Malteries Soufflet, one of the world's three leading operators in the malt industry and a subsidiary of the European agricultural group InVivo, will invest €56 million in constructing a new malt plant near the city of Pleven.

This new malt house, which has an annual production capacity of 60,000 tonnes of malt per year, represents an investment of nearly €60 million in the Bulgarian barley-malt-beer sector. The increase will help the company meet the demand for malt from Bulgarian breweries and create opportunities to boost export. As well as doubling malt production, the new malt house — where production is expected to begin towards the end of 2024 — will be aligned with the latest standards in terms of performance, safety, and energy efficiency. The photovoltaic panels installed at the site are expected to produce 3.2 GWh, equivalent to 40% of its electricity needs, thereby reducing the current carbon footprint by over 1700 tonnes of CO2 per year.