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by Property Forum | Industrial

Maersk and IB Cargo have reached 100,000 sqm of leased warehouse space in CTPark Bucharest West, the industrial park developed by CTP in western Bucharest. 

Maersk entered on the Romanian market in 2021, with the distribution centre operated in partnership with IB Cargo. As the business developed, the space leased in CTPark Bucharest West increased by over 30%, reaching now a total surface of approximately 100,000 sqm. 

The warehouse is being operated for a major furniture retailer, which is also the largest operation of logistics service providers in this part of the world and covers Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and Turkey from one location. 

"We are growing together with our residents. The recent expansion of our partners Maers and IB Cargo proves that we can respond not only to the set-up operations, but also to those of further growth, which is extremely important in terms of cost management for logistics", said Ana Dumitrache, Managing Director of CTP Romania. 

CTPark Bucharest West, planned to become the largest industrial park in Europe, has a built-up area of 770,000 sqm, with another 160,000 sqm under construction. 

CTP owns a portfolio of approximately 2.5 million sqm of class A warehouses in multiple cities in Romania.