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by Property Forum | Industrial

LCube is constructing another warehouse park - following their recent project in Jasionka near Rzeszów, (which is still being built), this new site location will be in the town of Dobrzykowice, east of Wrocław. As currently planned, the logistics complex is set to have a total area of 60,000 sqm. The project is being carried out in a joint venture with the Sindbad Group.

Logistic Park Wrocław will be executed in two stages, on a plot of land with a total area of over 11 hectares. At this time, the first stage is already underway - as is its commercialisation. Ending 2021 and heading into the new year they even expect the warehouse spaces to start becoming available.

“Our advantage is that we have excellent knowledge of the market and take an individual approach to our tenants. We want this to be even more visible in the Logistic Park Wrocław project. The facility near Wrocław will be equipped with modern technical solutions, ensuring the highest possible standard of work. We are also ready to provide non-standard technical solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients’, ” says Adrian Biesaga, board member of LCube, Head of Development.

“Certainly, an advantage of our new investment is its location. Currently, there is a very strong trend for warehouse tenants to relocate from Western Europe, where rents are very high, to Poland. This is especially visible in the western strip of Poland, where LCube Logistic Park Wrocław is being built. Moving operations to Poland comes with many advantages including modern facilities, a strong labor market and a modern - constantly expanding - road network. We receive many inquiries from tenants in connection with the new investment and we foresee quick commercialization of the first stages,”- adds Aleksandra Kołbon, Head of Leasing at LCube.

The investment, created in a joint venture with the Sindbad Group, will be distinguished for its use of “green solutions”. The facility will be certified, and new trees will be planted on site. There are also plans to create honey meadows. The investment will include water saving solutions, and there will also be electric car charging stations.

“Today, as a result of strong demand, competition in the warehouse market is gaining momentum. For this reason, the quality of our investment and its elements - including ecological ones - are of paramount importance. For us, as an investor, it is important that the implemented investment also increase in value after completion. Thanks to an open approach to "green solutions”, not only are we contributing to lowering our economy’s emissions, but we are minimizing the risk of a decline in our investment’s value, ” says Tadeusz Kania, a representative of the Sindbad Group.

The park in Dobrzykowice will be implemented with the class “A” standard and will be dedicated to functions related to warehousing, logistics, production, e-commerce, and can even function as a showroom.  The buildings will be covered by the proprietary program "Breathe Healthy", which provides for a cyclical analysis of key factors affecting the building’s microclimate. In addition, the program ensures regular testing of the ventilation and air conditioning systems, in terms of microbiological hazards and pollution.

“Modern workplaces are always a priority for the local government. We hope that the approach presented by LCube in its investments will contribute to significant growth in our community. The ecological element visible in their new investment and the approach to solutions which keep in mind  workplace comfort, meant that we quickly found many points of agreement with investors and we support this investment, ”- summarizes Włodzimierz Chlebosz, the head of Czernica Commune.