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The Czech branch of Knight Frank is expanding its portfolio of services. Until now, the company has focused on the commercial real estate segment, with the new addition of residential real estate services. The newly established department is headed by Kateřina Poláková, who has extensive experience in sales and marketing management in the residential segment, the company announced.

"In my opinion, the establishment of Knight Frank's residential department is a logical step towards achieving a comprehensive portfolio of our services. Knight Frank is the world's leading real estate agency for premium residential properties. Under the leadership of Kateřina Poláková, who is an experienced expert in the sales and marketing of residential projects, the newly established department will provide clients with advice and tailored service in the area of prime residential real estate in the Czech Republic," says Richard Curran, Knight Frank's CEO.

Kateřina Poláková gained her experience in real estate at UBM Development Czechia and Arendon. The newly established department under her leadership provides clients with comprehensive services in the purchase, sale, and lease of residential real estate. In addition to services such as acquisitions and valuations, she also offers developers analyses of sales prices, their development, competition, and achievable rents in a given location. In the area of sales and marketing, the preparation or assessment of product definition and subsequent sales and marketing strategy.

"Opening an independent residential department in the Czech Republic is a great honour for me. I am continuing and completing the circle of all the professional services for which Knight Frank is renowned worldwide in the real estate segment. From my work in international real estate development companies, I bring a view from the other side, where new properties are created. The preparation of a residential project is a difficult discipline taking into account many factors, moreover, in connection with the current market situation and also due to the rapid development of trends and client needs, the pressure to optimize the prepared products is growing. A successful outcome for the investor and the buyers themselves is conditioned by precision in the individual steps, which is why we also offer not only services related to securing the final transactions, i.e. leases or sales but also expert advice in the areas of product definition, including sales and marketing strategies. The icing on the cake is our wide range of new residences in the most attractive urban or holiday locations in the world," says Kateřina Poláková, Head of Residential.

Since the beginning of this year, we can see signs of market recovery, not only in newly announced projects but also in mortgage financing incentives for clients. Those interested in higher standard urban housing, equipped with appropriate technologies and providing parking facilities, are realizing the postponed demand from last year. Buying a property thus remains perceived as a conservative form of investment, but with a stable result.