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by Property Forum | Retail

Grocery retailer Kaufland has inaugurated in Bucharest a new hypermarket spanning 5,000 sqm. Following the latest opening, the European network of the retailer climbed to 1,500 units.

The newly opened hypermarket is fueled by renewable energy and is fitted with solar panels. The roof of the commercial building is green, covered by a mix of plants. Across the hypermarket, Kaufland integrated solutions that ensure energy efficiency throughout the year. 

“In order to give our customers a seamless shopping experience, digitalisation and sustainability now play a key role," said Marco Hößl, CEO Kaufland Romania and Republic of Moldova.  

At present, Kaufland has operations in eight European countries and records an annual turnover of more than €27 billion, employing 148,000 people. 

Across Romania, Kaufland has 158 stores, of which 20 are based in Bucharest.