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The Kaufland Marketplace will go live in Slovakia on February 15. Under the domain, online sellers will then have another sales channel than Germany available to them. The Kaufland Marketplace will also be launched in the Czech Republic in a few months. The marketplaces will be managed via the all-in-one solution Kaufland Global Marketplace, the company announced.

“With the Kaufland Global Marketplace, we offer retailers an infrastructure so that they can sell their products quickly and easily in several countries. For this purpose, we provide state-of-the-art platform technology and helpful services. Slovakia is an ideal country for the start. There, Kaufland is already firmly positioned as one of the top retailers with 75 shops and now we are combining this brand awareness with the digital online business”, says Gerald Schönbucher, member of the Executive Board of Kaufland e-commerce.

The Slovakian marketplace will offer customers a wide range of goods in the categories of Living, Electronics, Gardening & DIY, Kitchen & Homeware, Baby & Child, Sport, and Fashion. This product assortment will be sold by online sellers who use the marketplace as a sales channel and can thereby increase their coverage and tap into new customer groups. 

From the launch of the new marketplace, its sellers can sell on it for six months without paying basic fees or sales commission and will also receive a discount of €1,200 on sponsored product ads so that they can present offers to their Slovakian customers in an even more prominent way.

Kaufland Global Marketplace offers online sellers the infrastructure for growing quickly and generating more revenue without the lengthy process of building up their own resources. The new marketplace will be managed via the Kaufland Global Marketplace all-in-one solution, which has already been used for the German marketplace for the past year. With just one registration, sellers will be able to sell on up to three marketplaces at the same time and potentially reach over 56 million online customers. All relevant processes will be managed conveniently via one seller portal.

In Germany, has around 32 million online visitors every month and offers more than 45 million products in over 5,000 categories, already making it one of the biggest and fastest-growing online marketplaces.