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The multifunctional project Dva Domy, built by the Karlín Group together with the Bishopric of Hradec Králové in Prague's Karlín district, has already been approved. The project, which consists of two distinct buildings, includes not only over 100 apartments but also commercial space and a small park.

Karlín Group and its investor, the Bishopric of Hradec Kralove, have successfully approved a multi-functional building in Křižíkova Street in Prague's Karlín district after less than two years of construction. The "Dva Domy" project comprises 10,000 sqm of residential and commercial space. All 112 interior-interesting apartments have already been sold. The two commercial spaces on the ground floor of the project offer a floor area of 635.7 and 892 sqm, with an entrance from Křižíkova Street, but also from the park side. The face of the project was designed by the renowned Slovenian studio Bevk Perović Arhitekti and construction was provided by Průmstav.

"We always create houses that must fit into the locality, complete its face and ideally enrich it for a long time with their function. That is why we always carefully consider the designs of Czech and foreign architects. Slovenian architect Vasa J. Perovič was the absolute winner. His design for an elegant and timeless house, which actually consists of two houses with two distinct street facades facing Křižík Street, made perfect use of the gap and related naturally to the surrounding development. In addition, the construction of Dva Domy completed the residential block and the green courtyard gained the perfect intimacy of a small public park inside the entire block, which is one of the small and not yet discovered by everyone beauties of Karlín," explains Serge Borenstein, President of Karlín Group.

Dva Domy is also the first Karlín Group project to involve the Catholic Church as a major investor. The Bishopric of Hradec Kralove is a long-term investor that emphasises the ethical nature of its investments.